3 Keys to Success in Music - Ask Zac - 147

April 17, 2020

Between my work with the Truetone Lounge and Vintage Guitar Magazine, I have interviewed many award-winning musicians with long and storied careers. It struck me recently that every one of them had a pivotal moment in their story where 3 important elements came together to launch their careers. These integral ingredients can be distilled down to hard work, risk-taking, and timing/luck. All 3 of these are incredibly important, and the house quickly falls if any one of these elements is absent. To illustrate, I share anecdotes from my interviews with John Jorgenson, Pete Anderson, and JD Simo showing how the elements of hard work, risk-taking, and luck played out in their careers.

Gear Used:

Baxendale Kay Mandocello

Pick:Blue Chip TPR 35

Amp: 2021 Fender Handwired 64 Princeton Reverb with a Jensen Neo 10-100 speaker.


Boss Analogman mod TR-2, MXR Reverb

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