6 Telecasters & Counting - Ask Zac 167

April 17, 2020

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A look at my 6 Telecasters:

1. 1982 Kubicki/Danocaster with Musi City Bridge 3-pickup blend wiring, Glaser convertible bender.

More on my Kubicki/Dano

2. 1967 Fender Telecaster - stock except for compensated saddles. Refret by Nick at Glaser Instruments

More on the 1967 Maplecap Tele

3. Crook Custom Paisley - Glaser Convertible Bender, Music City Bridge 3-string tree

Joe Glaser installs a Convertible Bender in the paisley

4. 1957 Fender Esquire with a 1954 neck pickup, and original bridge pickup. Restoration and Aging on the Body by Dan "Danocaster" Strain. Refret by Nick at Glaser Instruments. Both pickups were rewound by Ron Ellis. Pickguard design by Jay & Kristi Smith of Juicebox Designs.

More on the 57 Esquire

5. 1953 Telecaster - Ron Ellis 52T and Standard plus neck

6. 1967/69 Telecaster with factory Bigsby - Bill Lawrence A400 neck, Ron Ellis 60T bridge pickup. Aging by Dan Strain, and refret by Nick at Glaser Instruments

More on my Bigsby Tele

2023 Headstrong Lil' King with 12" Eminence GA-SC64 speaker


Strings: D'Addario NYXL 95-44https://amzn.to/41rnl0V

Pick:Blue Chip TPR 35

Effects: Amp reverb

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