Albert Lee - Father of Modern Country Guitar - Ask Zac 53

April 17, 2020

Albert Lee's playing floored me when I heard it on Eric Clapton's "Just One Night" album. I soon began racing down the rabbit hole learning as much as I could about his playing style, gear, and buying every album I could find that listed him on the credits. This episode is a tribute to Albert, and the huge influence he has had on electric guitar players in Country & all roots-based music styles.

Playlist for Albert Lee

Gear used in Video:

1982 Kubicki Tele body with Danocaster soft V maple neck

Glaser B-Bender circa 1996 APC Adder (Neck) Ron Ellis 60T (Bridge)

Strings: D'Addario 9.5-44 XL120+

Pick: Blue Chip TPR 35 RB

Amp:1967 Deluxe Reverb amp with Celestion V30 speaker

Effects used:

Mirage compressor pedal

Boss DM-3

9v power via Truetone CS6