Ask Zac 42 - The Klon and the Birth of Boutique

April 17, 2020

The decision to do a Klon focused episode was made easy by a good buddy loaning me his gold horsie Klon, and by the fact that I also had access to a silver horsie version. For this AZ, I wanted to set the context for the birth of this storied pedal by explaining what trends were occurring in music retail, and how that and the new collectible pedal market set the stage for both Bill Finnegan's Klon and the other boutique builders.

Gear Used:

2014 Crook Custom Vintage Paisley with Adder Neck, and underwound Florance TE60

Pick: Blue Chip TPR 35 RB

Strings: Ernie Ball 10,13,15, 24, 32, 42. Nickel-Plated Steel.

Amp:1967 Deluxe Reverb amp with Celestion V30 speaker

Effects used: Gold Horsie Klon with 1990's Boss PSA 120 - old style transformer 120v unit.