Ask Zac Episode 11 - The Mighty Mostortion

April 17, 2020

The Ibanez Mostortion is one of my all-time favorite dirt boxes. Besides giving some history, I also demo it with my Ron Ellis pickup equipped Danocaster Blackguard and even share some great ways to use the powerful EQ section of the Mostortion circuit to get some killer tones.


2019 Danocaster Blackguard (1953 Telecaster Style) with Ron Ellis 52T (Bridge) and Julian Lage (Neck)

Strings: Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 10-46

1965 Deluxe Reverb amp with Celestion V30 speaker

effects used:

Mirage compressor pedal

Ibanez Mostortion

Line 6 Echo Park

9v power via Truetone CS6

Clips from the Truetone Lounge with guests using Mostortion pedals:

Derek Wells

Bob Britt

Jeff Senn