Ask Zac Episode 27 - How saying "yes" changed my life

April 17, 2020

Sometimes saying "yes" can change your trajectory in fantastic ways. I am so glad I said "yes" when I was offered a column with Vintage Guitar Magazine 16-years ago.Like many, I started cleaning out and fixing things around the house during this crazy time of isolation. While looking at my overcrowded bookshelves, I decided to take the 16-years worth of Vintage Guitar Magazines, and cut out all of the columns, featured articles, and product reviews I had written. It was a wonderful process for me, both to look back and appreciate the wonderful opportunities that have come my way through working with VG Magazine, and the fact that I cleared out a bunch of space on my bookshelves. During this time, I also was asked, "How did you start writing for Vintage?" Well here is that story, and also how that eventually begat this Ask Zac Channel.