Ask Zac Episode 41 So You Wanna Be A Guitar Tech?

April 17, 2020

People often ask me what it takes to be a guitar tech, and how to find a job as one. Here I lay out some important considerations for anyone wanting to pursue a position as a guitar tech.

Gear Used:

2014 Crook Custom Vintage Paisley with Adder Neck, and under wound Florance TE60


Blue Chip TPR 35 RB


Ernie Ball 10,13,15, 24, 32, 42. Nickel-Plated Steel.

Amp:1967 Deluxe Reverb amp with Celestion V30 speaker

Effects used:

TC Polytune

Mirage compressor pedal

Ibanez Mostortion

Boss TR-2 Tremolo

Line 6 Echo Park delay

9v power via Truetone CS6