Bernie Leadon - Eagle on a B-Bender - Ask Zac 140

April 17, 2020

Bernie's History of the Eagles pedal board

Bernie's 66 Tele before bender install
66 Tele with Bender and 53 neck.

Bernie Leadon played guitar, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel, and sang harmony vocals on the greatest-selling album of all time, Eagles Greatest Hits, Volume 1. For many guitarists, he is known as one of the earliest exponents of the B-Bender, a mechanical device that allows the "B" string to be raised a whole step via a system of cranks and levers. His work on "Peaceful Easy Feeling" is an excellent example of the sound the device allows and is by far the most accessible and most often heard example of a guitarist using it.  Today we take a look at Leadon's work through the years, spotlight some of his session work, and discuss his original Pull-String equipped Telecaster. We also cover how he ended up on the History of the Eagles tour, and the spartan setup that he used for the 170 dates back out on the road with his old band.

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Bernie Leadon Playlist

Gear Used: Crook Paisley with Glaser B-Bender

1959 Harvard amp

Boss CS3 comp, MXR Reverb, MXR Looper

Bass - Danelectro Bass 6

Rhythm - Baxendale Kay Mandocello

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