Carl Rydlund | Truetone Lounge

April 17, 2020

Carl Rydlund is the guitarist you are hearing on many of the movies you have watched over the last 20-years. Many films he has worked on with famed film composer, Hans Zimmer, all feature Carl's guitar work. Today we sit down with one of the soundtrack kings, who recently moved to Nashville to continue his film work, and to take a teaching position at the renowned music-focused Belmont University. In our interview, Rydlund discusses his musical upbringing, his move to Los Angeles, and how his work as a copyist and guitarist on Hanna-Barbera cartoons turned into the soundtrack work that has defined him over the last 20-years. Rydlund also shares very practical advice for those wanting to get into soundtrack work, and also takes a very sensible look at gear, and what one actually needs to get the job done.