Dr. Z & Brad Paisley's first collaboration - The Birth of the Dr Z Extra Strength Prescription

April 17, 2020

This is the story of both the inspiration for the amp, and documentation of the visit we made to Dr. Z's workplace.

Brad's Mazerati amp that had been his main amp for 3-years, along with a cab with a pair of Weber 50-Watt Alnico speakers

Here is the story of why the amp came about. It all started with a Christmas present. After hearing some bootleg recordings of John Jorgenson, Brad wanted an amp that was like an AC30, but louder, and with more low-end to pair with his Dr Z Mazerati.

Dr Z, Brad, unidentified person wiring amps, and Paisley bandleader, Kendal Marcy.

Brad with "Old Pink" his original 1968 paisley Tele that he purchased in the mid-90s.

Z trying to explain basic amplification theory to us

Z and Brad. Brad would play through the amp while Kendal would record it with Pro Tools, then Z would make changes to the amp.

Someone else picked up the camera, because I am in this shot.

The ES RX chasis

Old Pink next to a bunch of amps going through QC. Notice the very early Z amp on the shelf with the wooden face.

Weber Silver and Blue 50-watt alnico speakers

Transfomers, Tubes, and more

Brad plays, as Kris Marcy listens.

The finished amp.

A quick photo before we got back on the road for the next show.