Elliot Easton - Truetone Lounge

April 17, 2020

Elliot Easton's well-constructed solos with The Cars were integral to their hits and were in many ways mini compositions within the songs. In our Truetone Lounge, we dive into how the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member constructed those solos, and look deeply into the recording process of those seminal albums. Easton also thoroughly contrasts the producing styles of Roy Thomas Baker (Queen) and Mutt Lang (Def Leppard, AC/DC) on the various Car's albums and the hard work, and eye for detail that both producers shared. He also discusses his involvement with Gibson, Kramer signature models, and his custom orders with John Page that influenced the creation of the Fender Custom Shop in 1985. Elliot also discusses having Ringo Starr play on a track for The Empty Hearts, his supergroup that includes members from the Romantics, and Blondie.