Fender '68 Custom Vibro Champ Reverb - Ask Zac 78

April 17, 2020

Fender recently surprised me with a new '68 Custom Vibro Champ Reverb amp. I was honored, yet a little concerned as I had never really enjoyed single-ended (1 output tube) amps because they tended to sound small, boxy, and to have not-so-great clean sounds. I thought about contacting them to send it back, but decided I might as well plug it in. Surprise, Surprise, I was blown away by its big clean tones, fantastic tube tremolo, and sweet reverb. Fender got rid of that "little amp" sound by installing a well-voiced 10" Celestion, and further enhanced it by adding a digital reverb circuit that makes this Champ a killer grab-and-go amp.