How To Best String Your Vintage Telecaster - Ask Zac 110

April 17, 2020

In this episode, I walk through the process I use for stringing, stretching, and tuning on a vintage-style Telecaster. These methods are geared towards Telecasters with split-shaft tuners and 3-saddle bridges. These methods were learned from gurus like Joe Glaser, Dan Erlewine, and Lindy Fralin, and during my time as Brad Paisley's guitar tech.

I cover the following:

1. Importance of winding as little string as possible on the tuner shafts.

2. How to lock unwound strings in place on vintage split-shaft tuners.

3. How to fix a saddle with a burr, causing the "sitar' effect.

4. Why you should be conservative with nut lubricant.

5. How to stretch the strings to promote tuning stability.

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