Jeff King's 1985 Glaser Bender Guitar

April 17, 2020

In 1985, Jeff King asked Joe Glaser to build a custom Tele-style instrument for him to play out on the road with Patty Loveless. Although in many ways it was like many of the other builds Glaser had done, this was the first he did with only a G-Bender. Others had either featured the B alone, or had been a double bender attached to the B & G strings. The guitar originally had a set of EMG pickups, and Kluson tuners.

Jeff's #1 guitar since 1985

raw ash from years of playing

The spaghetti "Glaser Bender" logo

Sperzel Tuners replaced the Kluson-style. Nice name

Many famous autographs

The Full story can be found in my interview with Jeff, here.