Joe Glaser installs a B-Bender in my Paisley Tele - Ask Zac 81

April 17, 2020

After the last video, I was hooked and wanted to have a new style Glaser B-Bender installed in one of my guitars. The Bill Crook-built Paisley seemed like the appropriate candidate, so I set up a time for an install, and Joe agreed to the entire process being filmed. Besides me removing the strings, and Joe removing the neck, this is the entire installation process from beginning to end. I hope through watching this you can see what would be involved in having one installed in your guitar, but more than that, I hope you can see both the brilliance of Glaser's design and how ingenious his installation procedure is. The reason for the new bender mechanism being so streamlined was that Joe had to develop a bender mechanism and installation procedures that could be used by large guitar manufacturers. This is the same mechanism that is installed by Fender USA into the Brent Mason Signature model, and by Fender's Custom Shop into some of their high-end models.

Joe also shows how he strings vintage-style tuners and locks the plain strings for greater tuning stability.

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Gear Used:

2014 Crook Custom Vintage Paisley APC Adder (Neck) Peter Florance TE-60 (Bridge)

Pick: Danocaster Medium

Amp: 1964 Vox JMI AC10 with 12" Celestion Blue Alnico Speaker in a custom cab built by Kyle Bollendorf.

Effects used:

Mirage Comp

Boss DM-3 Delay

9v power via Truetone CS6