John Jorgenson - Virtuoso - Ask Zac 75

April 17, 2020

Since I first heard John Jorgenson with the Desert Rose Band, I have been a huge fan. I first saw John play in 1994 with the Hellecasters in Nashville, with Brad Paisley in tow. Brad was 21, and I was 20 with a fake I.D. Paisley told me as we got to the door, "If you don't get in, I'm going in without you." Many years later, I had the chance to interview Jorgenson for the Truetone Lounge, and then he kept being mentioned in my "Ask Zac" show, so I finally decided to dedicate a show to his huge influence in making Vox amps, 6-string basses, electric 12-string guitars, and bold effects popular in Country Music. He is also is a huge reason that Matchless amps ever got off the ground.

John and I in 2017 during my interview with him. I am holding his Glaser 6-string bass

Later era DRB. Tom Brumley is on steel. JJ is using the prototype Matchless amp with a red faceplate.

JJ with the proto Matchless and his cresting wave Rickenbacker 12-string refinished by Mark Sampson

JJ with natural finish ASAT now owned by Brad Paisley

Silver ASAT and the Vox grill cloth jacket

No Jacket Required