Legends of Country Guitar - Two Essential Albums - Ask Zac 121

April 17, 2020

In 1990, Guitar Player Magazine released an amazing series of albums through a partnership with Rhino Records titled The Legends of Guitar. The series covered Blues, Rock, Jazz, Classical, and Country. I picked up vol 1 & 2 of the Country series, and my eyes were opened to the founders of the style. These albums launched me down many rabbit holes, gaining a greater appreciation for cats like Chet Atkins, and Albert Lee, and a new appreciation for lesser-known players such as Junior Barnard, Roy Lanham, and Jimmy Colvard. These 2 albums have been in constant rotation in my car for 30 years, hence an episode to spotlight their importance. Special thanks to Rich Kienzle, who was very instrumental in these compilation albums, and has been a personal music journalism hero of mine.