Leo Fender and the Birth of the G&L Broadcaster/ASAT

April 17, 2020

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Ever wondered how Leo Fender came around to making the G&L Broadcaster after a decade of Music Man guitars, and the early G&L designs with active electronics and too many knobs and switches? The truth is better than fiction here, and you're going to love to hear what motivated Leo to return to his roots, with a twist to save his pride. I also share the story of the early G&L ASAT I use in the video that was formerly owned by John Jorgenson and is now in the possession of Brad Paisley.Gear used:1987 G&L ASAT formerly owned by John Jorgenson, now owned by Brad Paisley

Strings: EB 10-46

Pick: Pick Boy Small Jazz, Tortoise Shell, 1.00mm

Effects: Boss DM-3

Amp:1964 Vox AC10.

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