The Before on My 1957 Fender Esquire

April 17, 2020

After playing a 1955 Strat owned by my steel playing friend, Bill McCumber, a 1955 Tele owned by Charlie Daughtry, and a 1958 Telecaster, owned by Dan Strain, I knew that the mid 50's, soft V necked Telecaster was the guitar for me. I felt like one was really out of my reach, until J.D. Simo informed me that an Esquire from that era would be less expensive, especially if it had a body refin. So the search began. After years of searching, this popped up on on October 30, 2020. Below are the photos from the original listing from Guitar Gallery of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

1957 Esquire with rattle-can blue Krylon finish.

Silver Esquire logo

Look at that wear! Original frets, and perhaps nut.

Closeup of the Krylon finish, with some grain showing through. Original bridge, saddles, and pickup. Repro pickguard, as the original was painted yellow, and is shown below.

Original control plate and knobs. Switch tip is missing.

Neck plate. Like most 57 plates, the serial number begins with a "-"

Beautifully worn soft v neck

Body shot

Rear shot. String ferrules were painted over.

Look at those tuners! Original Klusons

Bottom of the bridge, and pickup. Notice the bits of blonde paint.

January, 1957

The specs on the neck

Original wiring, switch, pots, resistor, and caps, except for the single Sprauge black cap.

Closeup of the neck plate

Being held by a Guitar Gallery employee.

The original Esquire guard that was painted red, then yellow. Why?

Underside of guard after Guitar Gallery employees tried to remove the yellow and red paint.

As the restoration process proceeds, there will be more posts. Nick at Glaser instruments is handling the refret. Dan Strain the refin, and Ron Ellis is rehabbing the original 1957 bridge pickup.