My Top 5 Guitar Books - Ask Zac 50

April 17, 2020

For my 50th episode, I take a look at the guitar reference books that have influenced me the most. I also continue my lick of the week showing some of Joe Walsh's faux steel licks he used in a recent concert with the Eagles on "Peaceful Easy Feeling." Some of the licks Joe used are variations of Bernie Leadon's guitar parts on the original recording.

1. The Guitar Book, by Tom Wheeler

2. The Fender Telecaster by A.R. Duchoissior

3. Fender: The Sound Heard Round The World by Richard Smith

4. The Beauty of the Burst

5. The Blackguard Book: Nacho still has a few copies, but the prices are even higher than I stated in the video. Since my purchase of one a couple years ago, they have risen to $250. You can reach Nacho here: info(at)

Honorary mention: Arlen Roth's Complete Electric Guitar

Gear Used:

2014 Crook Custom Vintage Paisley with Adder Neck, and underwound Florance TE60

Pick: Blue Chip TPR 35 RB

Strings: Ernie Ball 10,13,15, 24, 32, 42. Nickel-Plated Steel.

Amp: 1967 Deluxe Reverb amp with Celestion V30 speaker

Effects used:

TC Polytune

Mirage compressor pedal

Line 6 Echo Park

9v power via Truetone CS6