No Tone On Neck Telecaster Wiring

April 17, 2020

I much prefer the neck to not be wired to the tone control. This allows me to set my amp tone while on the neck pickup, then go to the bridge and darken it as needed.

For giggles, here is the modern Tele wiring diagram.

Post 1967 Modern Wiring

And here is my modified diagram, and some pictures of my Kubicki Telecaster's wiring that is done this way

Ask Zac - No Tone On Neck Pickup Wiring

Kubicki Tele with No Tone on Neck

Another shot of Kubicki

And here is a shot of the wiring Bill Crook did on the paisley Tele. It has no tone in the bridge position, or in the middle position. The wiring is different from the schematic above.

Crook Paisley Wiring

Side shot