Pete Anderson Quarantine Edition Truetone Lounge Part 1 & 2

April 17, 2020

Although to some he may be more known for his signature model guitars, Pete Anderson is first and foremost an acclaimed Multi-Platinum and Grammy-Winning producer and guitarist. His groundbreaking production and guitar style perfectly framed Dwight Yoakam's songs, and the result was a series of commercial and critical triumphs for the two collaborators. In our interview, Anderson very kindly sits down with us to tell us his story, from sleeping in cars to the heights of his success. He also reveals how he had a  huge hand in everything from the band's "look," to how he would rehearse the band until they could play the tunes in their sleep. All of the attention to detail and hard work paid off with a band that looked like stars and played like a well-oiled machine. All-in-all, a very enlightening peek at the innards of the music business from one of the all-time pros.

In part 2, Pete talks about gear and how he produces records. He leads off by pulling out his 59 Esquire, and the parts guitar that he uses for sessions and club gigs. Anderson also goes in-depth on how he handles pre-production on an album, and the process he goes through in both tracking and overdubbing on a project. We also get useful insight on eq for guitars, and how to help your guitar sit in the mix better.