Pops Staples - Preaching the Tremolo Gospel - Ask Zac 113

April 17, 2020

Anyone playing Delta-Blues with deep tremolo, whether on an album or as frequently used in soundtrack work, owes much to Pops Staples groundbreaking guitar style. His spooky and tremolo soaked guitar set the mood for the Staple Singers brand of Gospel and Protest tunes that put them on the map in the 50s and 60s. In this episode we take a look at his upbringing in the Jim Crow south, and how he moved to Chicago to find better opportunities for his family. In this episode, we look at both the incredible musical influence that Pops had and also how his guitar work was sadly hidden away to pave the way for their Stax R&B hits.

Non-electric Kay archtop

Vee Jay promo shot

Orpheum made by United Code of New Jersey. Features Franz pickups also used in Guild guitars

Les Paul gold top

Jazzmaster with added switches and Strat middle pickup


Rosewood Tele with Wide-Range Humbucker.