Ray Flacke - Truetone Lounge

April 17, 2020

Sometimes after I do a "player profile" for my AZ channel, I end up getting a phone call from the player, and an interview happens for Truetone. This also happened with Pete Anderson.

We are so honored to have one of the all-time Telecaster greats, Ray Flacke, sit down with us to tell his story, after a long season of staying under the radar. Those not familiar with him should know that Flacke's influence runs deep on just about any player willing to pick up a Tele and play with gusto. With equal parts Ritchie Blackmore, Chet Atkins, and Roy Nichols, Flacke grabbed everyone's attention by the collar with his aggressive and staccato guitar work on the back-to-basics radio hits of Ricky Skaggs of the early to mid-1980s. After his stint with Ricky, he moved on to session work, and a return to touring with Marty Stuart in the early 90s, and the Jamie Hartford Band in the late 90s to early 2000s. After a stint out of the music limelight, Ray has a new passion, writing. He has just published a children's book entitled "The Boy Who Would Be Birds," and is in the process of completing his tongue-in-cheek autobiography, 'Kin 'Ell, Fired Again. Flacke also discusses his gear through the years, and how he has used super glue to save his right-hand nails, and baby powder on the neck of his guitar for left-hand precision.

To order his children's book, send an email to rayflackenhauser@protonmail.com