Repairs & Restoration on my 1967 Bigsby Telecaster - Ask Zac 165

April 17, 2020

When Bill McCumber sent me his 1967 Telecaster, he knew it needed some work, as the high E-string was resting against the bridge pickup, and the action was already set fairly high. I raised the action and did a neck shim to help it, but I knew more work was needed to get it playing right for the long haul. As both Bill Lawrence pickups were non-adjustable, I knew some changes had to be made. I decided to keep the Lawrence neck pickup that I really loved and remove the bridge pickup and modified wiring. This allowed the Tele to have a nod to both eras of its past, by keeping some of the Bill Lawrence mods and installing a standard bridge plate, control plate, and Ron Ellis 60T bridge pickup. Now with at least one pickup height adjustable, the guitar's volume and tone could be set to be much more balanced.  

Today's Book Nook is for the Galaxy of Strats by Yashuhiro IWANADE It is on the expensive and hard-to-find side, but can be found on eBay or Amazon in Japan.  

Special thanks to Bill McCumber for the fabulous guitar, and for Dan Strain's restoration work and the use of his workbench.#askzac #bigsbytelecaster #telecaster