Rick Holmstrom - Truetone Lounge

April 17, 2020

Rick Holmstrom is an esteemed blues artist with a new solo album, See That Light, releasing on February 26th. Besides his highly regarded solo work, he is also the bandleader and guitarist for legendary Gospel/R&B singer, Mavis Staples. In our Truetone Lounge interview, we cover how he got the Mavis gig at the urging of Ry Cooder, the low down on his new solo album, and an amazing walk-through of his favorite guitars including his 1953 Telecaster, Harmony Stratotone, and Danelectro double cutaway.

This was a really special interview, as I knew Rick had pushed Mavis into re-capturing the original Staples Singers sound with Pops style tremolo guitar, and a more stripped down rhythm section.