The Story of James Burton's 1969 Paisley Telecaster - Ask Zac 144

April 17, 2020

Burton's new Tele

Fully Stock

1975 with Emmylou Harris. New 6-saddle Fender bridge, and a mini toggle for the Velvet Hammer bridge pickup.

Velvet Hammer bridge pickup on the guitar in 2022.

Mini Toggle

With Emmylou in Europe

With Emmy at Dodger Stadium.

3rd bridge on the guitar. A Schecter or Gotoh 6-saddle chrome plated brass bridge.

JB with Jerry Lee Lewis at Gilley’s club in Pasadena, Tx March 16, 1985. Photo by Bruce Repka

Hipshot D-tuner added

B&W Night Concert

2nd or perhaps 3rd neck. A JB sig neck with Kluson tuners and a CBS style logo.

Close-up of headstock missing trademark numbers

The 52 reissue JB played some during the mid 80s with Elvis Costello.

In 1969, Burton put his 52 Telecaster into semi-retirement, and would use his 1969 paisley Telecaster all throughout the 70s and 80s playing on countless recordings, and touring with Elvis, Emmylou Harris, John Denver, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Costello. During that time, he made quite a few modifications to the instrument, including changing pickups, bridges, hardware, and even a neck swap or 2. Today's episode spotlight all the changes the guitar went through in the years he used it as his main guitar for both the studio and the road.

Gear Used:

Crook Paisley Tele.

Strings: Webstrings pure nickel 9-42

Pick:Blue Chip TPR 35

Amp: 2021 Fender Handwired 64 Princeton Reverb with a Jensen Neo 10-100 speaker.

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