TOP 5 Episodes of 2021 - Ask Zac 105

April 17, 2020

As I was contemplating my last AZ episode of 2021, I realized that 4 out of 5 of my top videos of the year were all focused on amps. So this episode both looks at the importance of amps and lends some additional insight into those amp videos. I take a look at my videos featuring the Deluxe Reverb, Tone Master Deluxe, Vibro Champ Reverb, and the episode on how small amps got big.

Gear for this video:

1957 Fender Esquire with added vintage neck pickup. Restoration and aging on the body by Dan "Danocaster" Strain. Rewind of bridge pickup by Ron Ellis.

Strings: D'Addario NYXL 10-46

Pick: D'Andrea Medium-Heavy

Amp: 1965 Deluxe Reverb with Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, and bright cap clipped on the vibrato channel.

Effects used: amp verb