Truetone Lounge - Jedd Hughes

April 17, 2020

I am a fan of Jedd Hughes. I first saw him when he was playing at a festival I was also working. He was promoting his Transatlantic album, and closed his set with a burning version of Gram Parson's "Luxury Liner." I continued to follow his career, and after seeing him play in a Guy Clark tribute at the Ryman, I began pestering him about doing the "Lounge." We finally made it happen in late 2019. Love this episode. Jedd has such his own thing. He has influences, but is never derivative.

In the latest installment of the Truetone Lounge, Jedd Hughes sits down with us to amaze us with his playing and jaw-dropping stories. From growing up in the Australian outback to his “first gig” in Nashville being at the Grand Ole Opry, to his stellar work as a sideman, session work,  and of course  his deeply moving new album, West, it all gets covered here. Throughout the interview, Jedd’s singular playing style showcases why he is such an in-demand musical collaborator with many of the finest artists in modern music. Hughes also covers a bit of his favorite gear including a mid 60’s Teisco K2L, 1957 Telecaster, Collings OM-1JL acoustic, Ebo amplifier, and his small pedalboard.