Truetone Lounge - Jerry McPherson

April 17, 2020

This was a special interview because of the guest, and also because I felt like Jamie Rowe and Dana Weaver really shone brightly with the audio and video on this episode. Jamie and Dana took it to another level. Proud to work with them.

In our Truetone Lounge interview with session guitarist Jerry McPherson, we look at his beginnings in Texas, early tours and sessions with Amy Grant, and his transition to his current position as a full-time and in-demand session player. We also look at his favorite session tools, and his patented robot arm, that at the touch of a button, moves a set of microphones to various cabinets in Jerry's amp isolation room.  But this episode is about so much more than his bio and gear. It is packed with Jerry's insights on playing parts, how to use effects, and how to keep a listener engaged throughout the course of a song.  This episode is pure gold for the aspiring session guitarist.