Truetone Lounge - Jimmy Johnson

April 17, 2020

Another highlight of hosting the Truetone Lounge was this interview with Jimmy Johnson. He was one of the most important guitarist, producer, engineers, ever. Looking at his body of work, you soon realize he really helped make the soundtrack of the last 40-years. This was another hard interview, as Jimmy was very sick at the time, and would pass away less that a year after this was filmed. I was very grateful for the short time that I got to spend with Jimmy. I must say a very special thank you to Will McFarlane, who single-handedly made this interview happen, and got us permission to film at the Muscle Shoals Sound studio/museum.

In the latest Truetone Lounge, we take a trip down to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, to meet up with Swamper, Jimmy Johnson at 3614 Jackson Highway, home of the Muscle Shoals Sound. In our interview, Johnson covered everything from his early days as Rick Hall’s first employee, through all of his groundbreaking work with Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones, Wilson Pickett, Paul Simon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bob Seger. Along the way, we get amazing anecdotes about Tom Dowd, Jerry Wexler, Arif Mardin, Duane Allman, Eddie Hinton, and Pete Carr. Jimmy also shares of his involvement in the award-winning Muscle Shoals documentary, and how the film came to fruition. Jimmy passed away on September 5th, 2019.