Truetone Lounge - John Leventhal

April 17, 2020

Through my "Ask Zac" column for Vintage Guitar Magazine, I had made contact with John Leventhal to answer a reader's question about the gear he used on an Austin City Limits appearance with his wife, Rosanne Cash. Later, John reached out to me as he was wanting to promote a new album he had just finished with R&B legend, William Bell. As we emailed back and forth, he indicated he was coming to Nashville with Bell, and a NYC band to do an album release show at 3rd & Lindsley. He invited me to the show, but said he was sorry that he would not have time to do an interview. The William Bell show was fantastic, and John ended up having a cancellation, so he rented a car, and drove down to the Truetone offices to do this interview. We had 3 hours, and we took full advantage of the time, filming a 3 part interview. He then had to jet off to the airport with his Telecaster, small pedalboard, and suitcase. I was very grateful, and it was one of my all-time favorite interviews.