Truetone Lounge - Kenny Greenberg

April 17, 2020

I first learned of Kenny in Guitar Player Magazine back in 1989. From there, I followed his work as a session man, his work with wife Ashley Cleveland, adn his many appearances in tv backing bands.

Kenny Greenberg is equal parts session man, producer, songwriter, and touring pro. In our Truetone Lounge interview, we look at his multi-faceted career, and how he has continued to make his mark in Music City since his arrival in 1978. Along the way, Greenberg shows his appreciation for Richard Bennett and Tony Brown, two Nashville heavyweights who had a weighty impact on his career, and how his session work with Kenny Chesney eventually resulted in him playing live with him in stadiums across the USA. He also shares some important playing concepts, and how he navigates the give and take of playing with another guitarist in the studio. We close out with Kenny covering some of his main guitars, amps, and pedals that he uses both live and in the studio.