Truetone Lounge | Kenny Vaughan

April 17, 2020

Kenny Vaughan is the perpetually calm and composed guitar slinger that is just as at home touring with Marty Stuart as he is fronting his trio in a club or recording in a studio with the likes of everyone from Lucinda Williams to the Pretenders. With an extensive background in rock, punk, country, and jazz, Vaughan brings a seemingly never-ending bag of tricks to every musical situation he participates in. In our Truetone Lounge, we drill down as to how he seamlessly moves between various genres, how he has held his gig with Marty Stuart for over 20 years, and his seemingly utilitarian view on gear. Vaughan also covers the recent Sweetheart of the Rodeo Anniversary tour he was a part of with former Byrds, Chris Hillman, and Roger McGuinn, and his tutelage under Bill Frisell. He uses a new Jazzmaster Ultra, Brad Paisley Telecaster with a Glaser B-Bender, and early 80s Squier Stratocaster throughout.