Vince Gill - Telecaster Songbird - Ask Zac 65

April 17, 2020

When Vince stops singing, his Telecaster takes over. Gill was a big part of keeping Telecasters front and center during the 90s, Country Music's most popular era. Besides covering some of his history and gear, I also showcase some Vince-isms that are an indelible part of his playing style.

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Vince Gill Spotify Playlist of his best Tele-work

The photos below were all taken by me either at the New York State Fair, or in Nashville in 2003.

Gill's pedalboard.

Close-up shot of Vince's CS-3 compressor settings.

Vince Gill's rig circa 2003. Two Rivera amps

Vince's 1953 Telecaster

Extra string tree for added downward pressure on G and D strings.

Look at the wear!!!

Gear for this video:

1957 Fender Esquire with added Ron Ellis "New Tall" neck pickup. Restoration and aging on the body by Dan "Danocaster" Strain.

Strings: D'Addario NYXL 10-46

Pick: Danocaster Medium

Amp: 1965 Deluxe Reverb with Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, and bright cap clipped on the vibrato channel.

Effects used:

Boss CS-3 Compressor

Boss DD-2 Delay