Why I Bought A Brown Box To Protect My Vintage Tube Amps - Ask Zac 127

April 17, 2020

In 2002, Brad Paisley introduced me to the idea that old tube amps require lower voltages to sound their best. He showed me how to use a Variac and a voltmeter to set the voltage going into his 1962 Vox AC30 at the "sweet spot" of 110 volts. The variac, plus voltmeter, and 4 spot ac plug was a clunky unit, but it did its job. Fast forward to 2015, and Pat Geraghty contacts me to review the AmpRx Brown Box for Vintage Guitar Magazine. It was a brilliant take on Brad's variac rig, that was sleek, elegant, and much easier and safer to use.

Today we look at the Brown Box, and its benefits to tube amp users.

Gear for this video:

2014 Crook Custom Vintage Paisley - APC Adder (Neck) Peter Florance TE-60 (Bridge)Glaser B-Bender



Strings: D'Addario NYXL 10-46

Pick: D'Andrea Medium-Heavy

Amp: 1964 Vox JMI AC10 with 12" Celestion Blue Alnico Speaker in a custom cab built by Kyle Bollendorf.

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