Wiring the Tone Pot only to the Telecaster Bridge Pickup

April 17, 2020

The bane of most Telecaster players is getting both the neck and bridge pickups to sound their best. It seems when you get the neck pickup sounding right, the bridge is too bright, or if reversed, the bridge sounds great, and the neck pickup is just too dark to cut through. The bridge pickup needs the amp to be set darker, and the neck pickup requires a brighter amp tone. After struggling with this for years, I decided to try wiring the tone pot to only the bridge pickup on my Telecaster. This was a total game-changer. Now I could set my amp's tone controls for a clear yet fat tone on the neck pickup, then move to the bridge setting and tone down the treble, to get it sounding twangy yet without any icepick-like highs.

Wiring Schematichttps://www.askzac.com/post/no-tone-on-neck-telecaster-wiring

Note on the Bill Carson book. Unfortunately, this is another title that has drifted out-of-print and is hard to find. Perhaps Willie Moseley, Vintage Guitar Magazine, and Hal Leonard will bring it back in some form.